Aedi Tech

Walk. Touch. Feel.


Originally based in Hong Kong, the company that made use of the Virtual Reality technology to help simulate the interior design visualization, needed a brand to represent the revolutionary concept and position them on the global market.  One of the most innovative ideas brought out in the era of technology, “VR” , the simulation-based experience had to be effectively introduced to the world.


The idea of “Aedi”. In order to set the strategic direction for the brand, we walked through the basic principle of the VR technology. Primarily experienced through sight and sound, virtual reality uses “mirroring” to create the simulated environment.

On the lines of this thought, we named the brand by mirroring the word “idea”. In terms of the logo design, we molded the name in the basic shape of a VR device.


The design expressed the spirit and the basic idea of the brand. Through the use of vibrant colors, the brand caught the attention. Numerous Interior designers collaborated with the brand to visually showcase their designs to the clients which helped them to easily visualize their design concepts. The brand rolled out to various countries across the world.


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